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“A Pittsburgh Chapter of the Sex Worker Outreach Project Opens Amid New Legislation,” Pittsburgh City Paper

Published: April 18, 2018

In an increasingly conservative political climate, Jessie Sage, Moriah Ella Mason and PJ Sage are offering support and safe harbor for sex workers. They recently launched a Pittsburgh chapter of the Sex Workers Outreach Project (SWOP), a national network that works to protect the human rights of those involved in the sex industry and focuses on replacing the stigma and violence with education and advocacy.

Jessie Sage was an academic getting her Ph.D. in feminist philosophy and teaching women and gender studies when, four years in, she became frustrated with academia and left to work as a doula. Her husband, PJ Sage is studying web camming and sex camming — a legal form of sex work where clients pay for live webcam time and interactions with a model — as part of his Ph.D. work in sociology. Out of curiosity, Jessie Sage decided to make a profile to see what the work was like. 

“That was maybe a year ago and that really took off, surprisingly,” she says laughing. “It’s not where I expected to land,” she says of her career as a phone sex operator and webcam model, also known as a “cam girl.”

“Google is heavily censoring and flagging anything that seems like adult content. Sex workers [like cammers] are having their pre-recorded content disappearing from Google Drive. When they go to send it to clients who have paid, it’s gone,” says Sage. “There’s no way to really recover it.” 

“A Pittsburgh Chapter of the Sex Worker Outreach Project Opens Amid New Legislation,” Pittsburgh City Paper

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“Opinion | Stand up for sex workers: Cancel the hackathon,” The Pitt News

March 20, 2019

The University of Pittsburgh Innovation Institute should listen to the mounting pressure and do the right thing: cancel Hacking4Humanity. It’s time to listen to people who may suffer the inadvertent consequences of an otherwise well-intentioned idea — not dismiss them.

“Sex-Work Decriminalization Is Becoming an Issue For 2020,” Rolling Stone

March 6, 2019

Harris’s about-face on the issue of decriminalization speaks volumes about the increasing prominence of sex workers’ rights on the national stage, says Jessie Sage, a sex columnist for the Pittsburgh City Paper, an organizer with the advocacy group SWOP Pittsburgh and a cohost of the Peepshow Podcast, which covers the sex industry. “The sex work community doesn’t trust Harris or have a clear sense of what she means by [her stated support of decriminalization],” Sage says. “But I do think that the fact that she would find it politically advantageous to say this is important, and tells us something about changing attitudes.”

“From our new sex advice column to Scott Wagner’s golf spikes, these are CP’s favorites stories of 2018,” Pittsburgh City Paper

December 31, 2018

Peepshow, Jessie’s sex and social-justice column, brings something to the table no other media outlet in town offers: brilliant commentary on taboo subjects from a local woman’s perspective. Jessie has tackled porn, BDSM, politics, and has recently started answering readers’ questions.