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“Pittsburgh-based Peepshow Is the Sex Podcast for Life in 2018,” Pittsburgh City Paper

Published: March 5, 2018

Over the past year or so, Americans have continued to evolve on how they view sex, consent and sexual identity. A new Pittsburgh-based podcast called Peepshow, from PJ and Jessie Sage, seeks to address how that conversation has changed in such a short period.

“There is a shortage of nuanced discourse around sex and sex work,” Jessie wrote in an email to CP. “The people we knew who worked in the industry were smart, thoughtful, complex people with a lot to say. We really wanted to create a platform for them to share their stories and insights. I think that it is very easy to “other” sex workers (as well as other marginalized sex-related identities), the podcast works to undo that othering, to humanize people.”


“Pittsburgh-based Peepshow Is the Sex Podcast for Life in 2018,” Pittsburgh City Paper

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Podcast Appearance: “Phone sex, dissecting fetishes, a pregnancy babble,” The SexWorkBB Podcast

May 1, 2019

It was so fun to talk to Kyra Kane from The SexWorkBB Podcast about everything from pregnancy to phone sex to balancing work and life.

“Sex Workers Aren’t Happy With the New Netflix Show About Dominatrixes,” Rolling Stone

April 29, 2019

I was interviewed in Rolling Stone, talking about the impact of shaddowbanning on the sex work community, and why Twitter giving a verified account to a fictional sex worker seems like a slap in the face to our community.

Podcast Appearance, “Working People Podcast”

April 24, 2019

PJ and I talk to Working People Podcast about the Peepshow Podcast; our own entry into podcasting and sex work; and sex work organizing.