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“‘Redistributing Sex’ is a Toxic Conversation About Toxic People,” VICE’s Motherboard

Published: May 3, 2018

Ross Douthat and ‘The New York Times’ has amplified the harmful incel mentality. This article lays out why this is problematic and how throwing sex workers at incels is not the answer.

“I think we should be dubious about anyone who takes incels at face value and claims that the problem, here, is lack of access to sex,” Jessie Sage, an independent porn performer and co-host of the Peepshow Podcast, told me in an email. “The problem with the incel community isn’t a problem of lack of sex, it is a problem of power and entitlement and it will not be cured by sex, and certainly not by throwing sex workers under the bus.”


Sage said that while she is not a full-service sex worker, all sex work is implicated in these discussions and sweeping “solutions” to toxic men. Proposing that sex workers take on dangerous and entitled men as clients treats workers as expendable, she said. “It suggests that sex workers should absorb male rage and violence in order to protect other women who are pure. This is not our job. And it’s far too big of a social problem for sex workers alone to solve.”

“The problem with the incels is that they feel entitled to women’s bodies and to their sexuality,” Sage said. “Despite its stigma, sex work actually occupies the exact opposite position: that women’s intimate labor is valuable and ought to be appreciated and fairly compensated.”


“We are not disposable, and we will not be sacrificed so that society can ignore the deeply entrenched problem of toxic masculinity,” she added.

“‘Redistributing Sex’ is a Toxic Conversation About Toxic People,” VICE’s Motherboard

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“Opinion | Stand up for sex workers: Cancel the hackathon,” The Pitt News

March 20, 2019

The University of Pittsburgh Innovation Institute should listen to the mounting pressure and do the right thing: cancel Hacking4Humanity. It’s time to listen to people who may suffer the inadvertent consequences of an otherwise well-intentioned idea — not dismiss them.

“Sex-Work Decriminalization Is Becoming an Issue For 2020,” Rolling Stone

March 6, 2019

Harris’s about-face on the issue of decriminalization speaks volumes about the increasing prominence of sex workers’ rights on the national stage, says Jessie Sage, a sex columnist for the Pittsburgh City Paper, an organizer with the advocacy group SWOP Pittsburgh and a cohost of the Peepshow Podcast, which covers the sex industry. “The sex work community doesn’t trust Harris or have a clear sense of what she means by [her stated support of decriminalization],” Sage says. “But I do think that the fact that she would find it politically advantageous to say this is important, and tells us something about changing attitudes.”

“From our new sex advice column to Scott Wagner’s golf spikes, these are CP’s favorites stories of 2018,” Pittsburgh City Paper

December 31, 2018

Peepshow, Jessie’s sex and social-justice column, brings something to the table no other media outlet in town offers: brilliant commentary on taboo subjects from a local woman’s perspective. Jessie has tackled porn, BDSM, politics, and has recently started answering readers’ questions.