Published: August 9, 2019

Jessie Sage Renaissance Woman: Philosopher-Sex Work Activist-Podcaster-Clip Producer

The Podcast! Jessie Sage Renaissance Woman: Philosopher – Sex Worker Activist – Host: The Peepshow Podcast – Phone Sex Operator and XBIZ Nominated Clip Producer Joined The Coalition Talk Radio 8/9/19

Published: May 1, 2019

“Phone sex, dissecting fetishes, a pregnancy babble,” The SexWorkBB Podcast

It was so fun to talk to Kyra Kane from The SexWorkBB Podcast about everything from pregnancy to phone sex to balancing work and life.

Published: April 24, 2019

Podcast Appearance, “Working People Podcast”

PJ and I talk to Working People Podcast about the Peepshow Podcast; our own entry into podcasting and sex work; and sex work organizing.

Published: April 5, 2019

Podcast Appearance, “Talking Sex with Jessie Sage,” Ghoul on Ghoul

I had a great time on Ghoul on Ghoul talking about such a range of things: phone sex, cults, alien ovopositor fetishes, custom porn, and so much more.

Published: March 28, 2019

Radio Appearance, “Behind the News with Doug Henwood”

Jessie Sage, writer, podcaster, and sex worker, on sex work and myths around “trafficking.” 

Published: March 28, 2019

Podcast Appearance, “After the Academy,” Working People Podcast

In this special compilation episode of Working People, I talk about loving, leaving, and being left behind by academia with seven other working class scholars.  

Published: December 24, 2018

“Problematic Christmas Songs,” Vox Populorum Podcast

Hannah and Mav are joined by Jessie and PJ Sage of the Peepshow Podcast and a returning Natalie Sheppard to suss out the details and the cultural significance of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” and to work through some other possible candidates for problematic Christmas songs including, “Santa Baby”, “Let it Snow”, “I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” and “Do They Know It’s Christmas”.

Published: August 21, 2018

“Academia, Podcasting, and Sex Work with Jessie and PJ Sage,” Chill Time Is Will Time Podcast

PJ and I sat down with Will from Chill Time Is Will Time and talked for a long time about podcasting, teaching, activism, and sex and gender politics. He is a thoughtful interviewer who made me think about how the various aspects of my own personal history and career have come together in the work […]

Published: July 11, 2018

“Talking about SESTA/FOSTA & the Future of Kink,” Ropecast Podcast

PJ and I talked with Graydancer on his podcast Ropecast about the ways that the SESTA/FOSTA rulings may affect the kink scene, and why sex workers and the kink community should stand in solidarity.

Published: June 14, 2018

“Sex Worker Outreach Project Joins Local Opposition To Controversial Condom Charges,” 90.5 WESA-FM

WESA-FM profiles our efforts in opposing Allegheny County’s practice of utilizing possession of condoms as evidence against sex workers.

Published: June 8, 2018

Podcast Appearance, “An Independent Porn Performer Talks About the ‘Big Beautiful Women’ Label,” VICE Podcast

On the The VICE Guide to Right Now podcast, I discussed discussed my career in the porn industry, and the complicated nuances of being a “BBW”.

Published: December 1, 2017

“Stars of Phone—Jessie Sage,” Stars of Phone Podcast

My appearance on the Stars of Phone podcast.